Vacation Home Property Management Services

Abode Vacation offers rental management to home owners in beautiful north-central New Mexico in the watershed of the Wheeler Peak Wilderness.
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Go Team. Our homeowners are our business partners, and we take our relationships seriously. Our management team and technology systems support you to book your property around your own schedule, and maximize your booking income.

Rest Easy. Once you partner with Abode, you can forget about the laundry list of your responsibilities around renting your own property and just enjoy monthly statements and monthly passive income.

Switch and Prosper. If you use any other local management service, we can guarantee an increase in your first and second year’s annual gross rental income.

Happy Guests. Your guests will receive special attention and support for their needs and requests from our team of specialists. Our guests leave great reviews, and those reviews will drive even more business for your property.

What’s the Catch? There’s no catch. To learn more about partnering with us, visit our management site.
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