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Taos Offers the Best in Recreation, Dining and Entertainment, Abode Helps You Enjoy the Experience

Join us for a wonderful vacation rental experience in a most enchanted place. We proudly offer stays at an array of vacation homes and condos in Taos Ski Valley, and beautiful locations in the foothills around Taos near quaint Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. We endeavor to provide spot-on guest booking service, concierge service for your trip and activity planning needs, and we look forward to having you stay with us and making it a great visit in the perfect Abode. Want your group to stay together in a community? Visit our Communities page.

Our company was founded here by people who live here and serves just our local area. We hire local people, proudly pay a living wage, we buy most of our business supplies, homegoods, and materials locally, so our business really is creating a significant impact in the economy of our rural, underserved communities

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Second Home Owner?
Get the most out of your investment!

Get in touch with Abode to learn about our wide range of services for your property. We provide high level management partnership for property owners in the Taos area as well as basic services like cleaning, exterior and interior maintenance, landscaping, snow removal and waste service. We also provide leading edge vacation rental services for vacation home owners. These services may be limited in some locations or some time periods.

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